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3 Style Wrestling & MMA
26926 FM 2100
Huffman, Tx 77336

Monday-Friday: 5pm to 9pm Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: Closed



  • Wrestlers must bring all the proper equipment to every class. T-shirt and athletic shorts or sweats are required.

  • All wrestlers must wear wrestling shoes during practice.

  • Wrestling shoes are for the mat only and are not to be worn outside or in the restroom.
  • Any type of prejudices (race or religion) will NOT be tolerated on the mat.
  • Hands to yourself unless training with a partner.
  • No eating, drinking, or chewing gum on the mat at any time.

  • No bad words, abusive, or threatening language.

  • No rough play or goofing off while training, especially with techniques.

  • Never use wrestling techniques outside of class except for self-defense, tournaments, or demonstrations.

  • Grades must be kept up.

  • Always answer instructors with “yes sir” or “no sir”.

  • Pay attention, listen, and be very quiet, when Coach is speaking.

  • Go to the restroom before class.

  • Never get mad or seek revenge.  Just wrestle harder.  Your enemy is never in the wrestling room.

  • Always do your best.

  • Be a good sport.  Don’t be a sore loser or a rude winner.

  • If you need help, ask.

  • Don’t interrupt.  Raise your hand.

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